Business Advice Tasmania has developed several programs for E-Business Management.

  • Is E Business confusing you or your staff?
  • Do you your staff communicate appropriately via email?
  • Are you happy with your web page?
  • Does your webpage compliment your marketing strategy and does it have to?
  • Does your web page represent the look and feel of your organisation?
  • How to brief a web page designer?

The purpose of a business plan is to:

  • Capture market and business information in one place;
  • Match the paths of personal business plans and objectives; and
  • Act as a communication tool between the business and personal and business stakeholders and advisers.

These questions and others are answered in a program that is specifically designed to enhance your business’ utilisation and effectiveness of Electronic Business.

Programs provide a range of learning valuable to multiple levels of the organisation:

Owners, Board Members and Managers – By considering different aspects of E Business including: website review and planning, identifying where, why and how E Business fits within the organisation.

Employees – By improving electronic customer service skills and communications and educating participants where and why E Business is used within the organisation’s day-to-day operations and long term goals.

Programs are tailored to suit your business requirements specifically designed to support E-Business skills & activities, while improving E-Commerce in your business.

Program topics include:

  • What is e-business?
  • E-business business strategies
  • Growing business through e-commerce
  • E-business readiness
  • Implementing effective e-business strategies
  • Implementing new strategies and technologies
  • E-marketing

The program provides a framework to streamline and grow small businesses in all industry areas through the use of technology and development of IT business skills with managers and employees.

  • Business websites
  • Why do businesses use the internet?
  • Who has a website?
  • Trends in internet use
  • Where are internet generated customers coming from?
  • How do you developing a website strategy?
  • What do you hope to achieve?
  • How will customers find your website?
  • What content do you want?
  • How will your website be found?
  • How Google works?
  • What is search engine optimisation?